Valerie Shaffer

Valerie’s public sector service has allowed her to cultivate a vast and diverse network which includes senior corporate executives to passionate grassroots activists to the unobtrusive everyday person with unexpected, significant subject matter expertise.  Valerie is a deft collaborator and an expert at building both traditional and non-traditional coalitions to help advance and achieve clear objectives.  She has over a decade of experience in political campaigns and within local, state and federal government. At Horizon Strategies, Valerie manages coalitions, issue positioning projects and events production.  She also supports clients with municipal matters.  Valerie is a colleague of the very best kind; she is always willing to step in and assist, having the consistent attitude of ‘no job is too big or too small’ and inherently believing providing the client with exceptional work is an imperative.  Prior to Horizon, Valerie served as the Chief of Staff to the Mayor of the 5th largest municipality in Arizona.  In the chief of staff role she managed day-to-day operations and policy priorities for the Mayor’s Office, executed town wide projects including new initiatives such as the Gilbert Veterans Advisory Board, served as the town liaison to national and regional coalitions, managed constituent outreach services, hosted stakeholder meetings, and coordinated public large scale events such as the East Valley Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast. Valerie became invaluable in supporting senior Gilbert leadership as they addressed controversial issues; her ability to manage conflict and create space for the constructive sharing differing points of view allowed Gilbert to be showcased as one of the most livable (and loved) towns in the country. 

Valerie served in Governor Doug Ducey’s administration for three years as Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs and the Legislative Liaison for the Arizona Lottery.  She began her political career while working on a successful U.S. Senate campaign and served as a Senate intern in his Washington D.C. office in 2013.  Valerie holds the honor of being appointed to the Arizona Board of Regents.  As Student Regent on the governing board for Arizona’s three public universities, Valerie participated with fellow board members in providing policy guidance on academic and student affairs, financial programs, short and long term strategic plans, and most importantly she represented the collective voice of over 120,000 university students. The caliber of Valerie’s work product, work ethic and her coveted ability to weave variegated voices into a cohesive group supporting a cause made her the ideal person to lead the Southern Arizona office for the Doug Ducey for Governor campaign in 2014. 

Valerie is a diehard wildcat having graduated from the University of Arizona.  She serves on the Board of Directors for the East Valley Partnership and is a graduate of the Gilbert Leadership program, Class XXVIII. Family and community are in Valerie’s heart.  She is active in her congregation and volunteers for her church.  Several generations ago Valerie’s family immigrated to the US from Ireland, wanting to maintain a connection to her ancestral roots, she serves as the Vice President of the Friends of St. Patrick, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing and expanding the relationship between Arizona and Ireland.  Valerie and her husband love living in Gilbert, Arizona and are regularly found walking around its downtown meshing and mingling with neighbors.  They have a baby boy, Liam, who is by far the cutest, funniest, smartest baby boy ever.