Janis Greathouse

The name Janis Greathouse is synonymous with exceptional client care.  With over 30 years of experience, Janis has perfected the art and science of executive support, office management and attending to the unexpected. Being an Arizona native, Janis grew up professional in the Valley of the Sun and maintains a warm connection with every single office, individual and organization with whom she has worked.  Janis is an exemplary model of professionalism; the more harried those around her, the more serene Janis becomes, allowing the atmospheric tension to deflate and helping keep the focus on the work that needs to be done.  With a deep understanding of what it means to support a multifaceted busy team, Janis is a master of working behind the scenes seemingly to effortlessly support her team in all elements of their responsibilities.  Her knowledge of back office functions, ability to plan and execute small and large scale events, and meticulous attention to detail have fostered organized execution on internal and external projects.  She is central to the core functions of Horizon Strategies and essential in the success of the firm’s clients.  Janis has many unique gifts, one of which is being able to comfortably work with anyone, from corporate officers in Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses.  She infuses those interactions with warmth and competence.  Janis is a true master of getting it done, the most organized person you’ll ever interact with and always keenly aware of the broader objective of any given task or project. 

Janis applies these skills to her community service as well. She and her husband Lance co-founded Wheelchair Labs, a non-profit devoted to providing electric wheelchairs and scooters to those in need.  Animal lovers at heart, they have two rescue dogs and a desert tortoise.  Lance, also an Arizona native, is an avid hiker.  These days though, Janis spends less time on the trails with Lance and more time fawning over their adorable and super cuddly new grandson.  Both of the Greathouse’s adult sons live in the Phoenix area with their growing families.