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Now more than ever, there are no simple projects. Whether your objectives are personal or political, philanthropic or entrepreneurial, every issue in today’s ultra-political world is fraught with risk. At Horizon Strategies, we help clients identify, analyze, and eliminate risks by assessing the topography to navigate and chart the most efficient and effective course possible. Our goal with each engagement: To be a trusted, value-add partner committed to maximizing your impact.

The Horizon Strategies team has decades of experience leading on the full range of complex and controversial public policy issues – including economic development expansion, transportation, education, water, energy, public safety, international relations, and taxation. Our relationship-focused and strategically-driven approach is calibrated to get you exactly where you need to be – at the moment you need to be there.

Meet Our Team.

Jessica Pacheco

Jessica has extensive private sector experience and for over 22 years held various executive positions in a Fortune 500 energy company, including Vice President of Corporate Development and External Communications, Vice President of External Communications, and Vice President of State and Local Affairs. 

Jenn Daniels

Jenn is an expert in navigating the complexities of municipal government. She has been an elected leader for over a decade, serving as a Councilmember, Vice-Mayor and the Mayor of Gilbert, Arizona. Under her leadership, Gilbert became one of America’s most vibrant towns-earning several national awards, including the Most Prosperous City in America, Most Livable City & Second Safest City.

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